So, right now I am really into Crochet!  A couple years ago I saw this small article in Martha Stewart Magazine with these ADORABLE little Knit and Crocheted stuffed animals that I now know are called Amigurumi.  At the time I was Knitting but was getting very tired of it.  It takes SO long to get anything finished and after a night of staying up until 4 AM to try and finish a Baby Blanket for a friend, I was done!  Now, it wasn't Easy-Peasy 1-2-3 and I was Crocheting.  It actually took MONTHS before I found something that finally helped me figure out how to move from the beginning chain to actuall first row!  A little YouTube video from Bethintx and I was finally on my way! After a few trys, I finally got it and now I cant stop!  I have so much yarn but I still want more!  So far the only thing I have kept for myself is the little guy pictured below, my very first finished Crochet piece.  Ain't he cute! Say "Hi" Fred!

Right now I have several WIP's (Work in Progress) including a baby blanket for my sister, The Starling Handbag I hope to keep for myself from a pattern provided by futuregirl and these ADORABLE Baby Mary Janes!

Anywho, the moral of the story is this - Knitting is pretty, but so is Crochet.  Knitting takes forever, you can Crochet something new every day!

Aside from Crochet, I also love DIY projects, looking for new ways to Upcycle household items that might otherwise end up in the trash and just about anything to keep me busy!

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