Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I closed my PayPal account a few months ago after I was hacked and lost nearly $800 to buy someone else a computer!  I happened to be lucky enough to get the money back quickly but had heard horror stories before and I wasn't about to take anymore chances!  While on Facebook this morning, Toot Your Own Horn posted that due to the recent news surrounding PayPal they were closing their account!  What??  Regretsy was doing great things to help children in need this holiday season when PayPal aka The Grinch put a stop to it and robbing them of a small happiness this Christmas!  Randomosity also had a few things to say about it!  They really need to to rectify this!  I have been debating on re-opening an account as I want to start selling on Etsy again... but now!  What other option is out there????  Shame on you PayPal!  SHAME!


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