Comfy Crochet

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My fingers are getting a bit cramped making this Starling Handbag because the stitches are very tight and dense and my G hook is so teeny.  I did a little searching and found this awesome idea for a DIY Comfort Grip!  I had seen others with masking or duct tape and then a pen cover but I didnt want the tape on my Takumi Bamboo Hooks!  What if I wanted to take the grip off?!  Then it would have all this yucky tape residue!  The new idea I found is basically just using that white plumbers seal tape and that can be easily removed!  So excited!  I am going to wrap this hook up with the plumbers tape and then put a squishy pen grip over that and VIOLA! Its amazing how easy it is to make me happy!


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