Changing Colors - My Method

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love stripes.  But changing colors while crocheting??? Ugh... No matter what I did, I never felt the tension was right.  I always felt it looked bumpy and my tails never stayed tucked in.  SO I have created my own little trick, or method.  Its not much of a change from the normal way, but I feel it makes a big difference!

#1 - Just as you would with any other change, work your first color until you are left with one step remaining to finish the stitch.  I leave the last 2 loops on the hook and pull the tail tight.

#2 - Then I work the tail in as I would with an "Invisible Join".  Essentially, I follow the flow of the stitches, finishing with pulling the tail through the middle of a "V" so I can work over remainder of the tail of the old color with the new color.

#3 -  Grab the new color (or yarn from a new skein of the same color) and pull through a loop, leaving a short tail.

#4 -  Continue making stitches with the new color, working over the short tail of the new yarn and the small remainder of the old yarn with the next few stitches.

And Ta Da! I personally love the result!  Small changes make a big difference!Plus - No ends to weave in later!! Oh how I loathe that part! =)


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