Trial and Error

Monday, April 4, 2011

I finally got everything I needed for the DIY Crochet Hook Grip.  I must have wrapped the Thread Seal Tape aka Plumber's Tape around my G Hook 25 or more times before it was finally the right thickness for the Pen Grips.  I think I could probably still go around a time or two or 10.  All in all it came out pretty good for my first try.
It looks pretty and it is definately much easier to keep a grip on now.  However, this is the hook that I am using for the Starling Handbag and I am starting to guess that it was not only the size of the hook cramping up my hand but also that the Bamboo isn't flowing as well through the Sugar 'n Cream yarn.  So I reverted back to my Clover G Hook and that seems to be working better.  I actually slipped a pen grip over that as well and it made it more comfy.


pinstripematty said...

Became a follower for you my friend! Keep up the good work and continue to have fun what you do!

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