Save your Magazines!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I know we have all done it.  We are sitting at the doctors waiting and waiting for our turn, flipping through a magazine when one little article or ad catches our attention.  And Wham!  That's when they call your name.  I'm not afraid to rip that sucker out and save it for later.

Or I have a subscription to a magazine and out of the whole months issue, only ONE thing interests me.  I tear it out and recycle the rest.

I ended up with a one foot high stack of magazine and newspaper articles.  Ranging from recipes and crafts to inspiring stories and stories to make me laugh.  What was I going to do with all this!? I couldn't find anything in that mess! And thus began my obsession with binders, 3 hole punches and plastic sleeve protectors!

I have binders for everything, or tabs sticking out of the sides to break off sections.

I even decorate the covers and different sections with pictures I like or words from an ad.  I have one for the Kitchen with recipes and cleaning tips.  I have a Holiday section for decorating and gift ideas.  I have crafts and quizzes and jokes.  I have on binder for my crochet magazines (which I rarely dispose of) and one with ideas for every which way to UPcycle pretty much anything.  I am pretty sure I even have an article from a magazine on how to UPcycle magazines into coasters and garbage cans.

So don't throw them away!  Make your OWN magazine!  You never know when a rainy day will come around and you are looking for something to do.  Or you will remember that recipe you saw once but can't remember.  Just be careful... It gets addicting!!



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