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Friday, May 6, 2011

Today was day one on my mini-vacation!  I took Friday and Monday off and gave myself a four day weekend!  Plans?  Nope, just relaxing! And I love it!  Today I didn't get to sleep in because the puppy was ready to be awake.  So I made coffee and lounged in front of the computer.  By lunchtime, we were all bored so we showered and headed to Francis Slocum State Park.  Conway had a swell time trying to get to the geese and smelling everything in his path.

When we got home, we were all tired from the massive amounts of fresh air so we took a nap!  I love naps!  We got up, got dressed, went for dinner and some shopping.  I had to make a stop at AC Moore to get some supplies to make the banner/sign for my sisters baby shower.  I hope she likes it!!

First day off, success!! 

Now I am just browsing the web and came across a few things I wanted to share for you fellow upcyclers out there.

Webecoist  has some really cool ideas for making lighting fixtures out of the most unusual things, my personal favorites being the chandelier made from pens and the other made of mismatched teacups!!  I wish I was better at wiring because I would so make these!  Maybe I can trick my boyfriend into helping me! (Love you Baby!)

For those of you that may have inherited Grandma's sewing box, these Rosettes made from Rick Rack are adorable!!  Sewing has never been my strong suit (although I continue to try) but I may have to give these little do-dads a try.

Like wreathes? Try this cute Birthday Balloon Wreath.  Or try this one using an old book!

Last one for the day... Tiny... Polaroid... Magnets!  I am SO making these!

I could go on and on but I leave something for next time!  Are you motivated to make something yet??


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