The Unwritten Rules of Facebook

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The more time that I spend on Facebook networking for Faery Dust Designs, the more I notice that people (sometimes even myself) post things that they really shouldn't.  On both my personal and fan page people post/comment things that are inappropriate, rude or just down right weird and I became curious as to what the "rules" or "etiquette" of Facebook is from others point of view.  I have found myself guilty of a few things but most importantly, I have found that what I find annoying others do as well!  Here is what I have discovered:

  • Rule #5 according to may very well be my rule Numero Uno!  Maybe you like the attention of comments on EVERY SINGLE thing you post but sometimes its just creepy when literally 2 seconds after you post something the same person likes/comments every time.  Are you stalking me?  Am I that interesting?  I highly doubt it!  Sometimes I just say stuff to say it.... I'm not that needy that I require constant recognition for what I say.  Period.
  • Hijacking!  Please, please, PLEASE!  Don't hijack my posts!  Whether on my personal page or fan page, please stick to the subject at hand.  I can overlook it once in awhile but my patience grows more and more thin on this subject... If my post reminds you of something you wanted to tell me or ask me then send me a message, post on my wall, call me or text me.  *Whimpers* Please for the sake of my sanity!
  • Vigilant Monkey has a few good points!  While this article is bit outdated (2009 haha) I like their attitude about it!
  • Rule #3 on GimmeMo's list is a big one!  Don't be a Debbie Downer!  Someone posts their "woe is me" status the first time and you say "awww"!  The second time, "That stinks".  The 3rd and every one after that?  You roll your eyes, move on and think "Get over it already!"  If something is truly wrong then I am very sorry!  But instead of posting to Facebook EVERY DAY that your life "sucks beyond the telling of it", then do something to change that!  Trust me, I am totally guilty of this one.  I suffer from depression and I have been through my share of really crappy things... But eventually even I got sick of my depressing posts!
  • Be grammatically correct or as close as possible and use spell check for Pete's sake!  I don't know about Internet Explorer but in Mozilla, when I am writing a status a little red squiggly line appears under a word I have misspelled!  Double click on said word, right click and pick the correct spelling! Done!  I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, especially from my iPhone, but I try!  I really do!


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