How to Make Recycled Candles!

Friday, March 2, 2012

 I came across this article through Pinterest from Happy Go Lucky and the timing was perfect!  I had just noticed that the wick broke on my Vanilla Cupcake candle and was going to toss it.  In the same day Pinterest helped my find a way to recycle the jar AND the leftover candle!  It was pretty much the easiest upcycling project ever!

 I was also recently given a donation of a Baby Food jars and I have been pondering what I wanted to do with them! Hmm, I need something to pour the melted wax into!  LIGHT BULB!

Supplies Needed
Empty Jar(s) 
An old pot
Oven Mitts/Hot Pads
A Steady Hand
Your leftover jar candles!

Available at your local craft store!  You can buy in a variety of sizes or in a roll.
I put a little dab of jewelers glue to secure the wick.  I probably should have gotten a slightly larger size so that I could wrap the wick like in the tutorial from Happy Go Lucky!
  • Fill your pot of water to just about the level where it is even with the wax left in your jar.  I'm sure everyone is familiar with the floating that occurs when you put an empty glass in a sink full of water!  
  • Once the water starts to boil, you can place the jar in the water.  I turned the heat down so the water stayed at a simmer.  I was a little nervous that the glass might break but all turned out OK.  
  • In about 5-10 minutes the wax will be completely melted.  I used a clothes pin to remove what was left of the wick before I poured into the baby food jars.  
  • The glass is very hot!  Use your oven mitts!  No need for tough guys around here!

First lesson learned?  Pour slowly!  The jar on the right has a bit of a splash... But hey!  I am making my own candles darn it!  How cool is that!?

I let the wax cool and harden over night before I attempted another layer.

Hmm... Not as much left in the second one as I thought... Oh well you get the idea!

 Now does anyone have jar candles for me so I can make more?????

Seriously, if you are local I will come get them from you! LOL


I have not tested burning these yet so I am not sure if baby food jars can handle the heat.  There is also risk of the candles tunneling depending on the wick size.  I am not a professional candle maker so I can't say with certainty that these are perfect.  Please never leave a burning candle unattended!  Have fun trying to make your own and let me know how they turn out for you!  


The Mattyvision Team said...

is there a way to make scented?

Jenny Em said...

I used different scents.

Kara said...

Love them!! So easy and fun!

Jenny Em said...

Thanks Kara! It was fun!

LookingCalifornia said...

Great tutorial. I followed over from the original blog post and found yours! Loved the step by step made it much easier to understand! Thanks!

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